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Gene6 FTP Server 3.10

Gene6 FTP Server is an FTP server program that enables easy transfers PC - FTP
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Gene6 FTP Server is an FTP server program that enables easy transfers to and from user PC and FTP servers (up the web).
The connections are protected by user password, NT authentication, and one time password S/Key, MD5. The program allows to re-use Windows accounts that are already created. Accesses are based on IP addresses.

By setting the user account server level, application enables to decide the users that can connect to the server. The application allows to create unlimited number of accounts. In these accounts, the application can insert expiration dates, so they'll be no longer available after it, to eliminate accesses to not usable and old accounts.

All the settings that user adjusts are immediately applied to the server, without the need of restarting the whole server. Users can change the day and time stamp on the files, and schedule the bandwith by the day or the week. User can also restrict the type of files to transfer or to be hosted.

Whenever a file is uploaded or downloaded, the application can reportthe changes by sending an email to alert the user.

The application offers the capability or resuming any interrupted transfer.

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